Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with my journey ( and your’s )  to BSchool.

While I was happily plodding through blogosphere in my own sweet pace, I got to know that I have won the Liebster Award from none other than CaveGirlMBA. Being acquainted with her humorous ways, I thought that this must be some elaborate cross-continental prank that she was trying to pull off very successfully for the sake of pure entertainment. But of course, my cynical self was proved wrong and I realized that I had indeed won the award. Thank you so much CaveGirlMBA! Much honored to receive the award from you.

Like quite a few people, I wasn’t really aware of the Liebster Award. But in true business school style, I figured out the details very soon. So here are the details:

Liebster Award Rules ; Copyright "thembastory"

Liebster Award Rules; Copyright “thembastory”

It is very difficult to choose  10 bloggers – neither more nor less  . Here is my list of bloggers who are hereby nominated for the great Liebster Award! As according to rules I have notified each of my nominees as well ( this is actually going to happen slightly in the future ). And of course how could I miss out on the 10 questions for my nominees. Again I really find it hard to hit the exact target and seem to readily agree with  Charles Goodhart’s Law “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.” However, what needs to be done, needs to be done and has been done.

Finally, here are my answers to the 10 questions asked by CaveGirlMBA.

1. What was your dream job when you were a kid?

– Astronaut! Yes, seriously.
2. What does it say on your business card now? How far is that from your dream job?

-Unfortunately my company has very boring designations. Thankfully the job isn’t so. I am actually very near to my dream job and there are specific reasons why I say “near”. A lot of people would have called this as their dream job but then  I was born choosy :).
3. How would you explain interest rates to a four-year old?

– The rate at which you will never make money
4. Would you rather choose ten weeks of holiday or a ten-percent increase in net salary?

– At this point in time ( and of life ) I’ll have to choose the increase in salary
5. Is there any company you really admire, but whose products you still do not buy?

-All luxury brands! Ok not all, but point  made.
And is there any company you really detest, but whose products you still buy?

-Companies involving child labor, and or bonded labor ( despite what it is actually called)
6. How would you define the limit between corporate gifts and bribery? Is it monetary value only?

-Haha..thankfully not been there.
7. Suit & tie or business casual? Or bikini? Or…?

-Anything comfortable

8. What was the coolest thing you ever bought? Why?

-Define “coolest” 😀
9. What was the most expensive thing you ever bought? How long did it take until you got used to having it?

-A piece of jewellery. Never (yet to use it) !
10. Please complete the following sentence: Money is….., and success is ……

– Money is not the only thing in the world and success is not defined by money.


3 thoughts on “OMG……It’s the Liebster Award!

  1. Thank you for your very refreshing answers, the nominees and the next question. If I only had a question to Frau Merkel, it would have to be: “I’ve read that you are the famous Angie Mick Jagger is singing about. How was he in bed?”

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