Some times it is really not enough to try on your own. You need the expert guidance of someone who has the

Courtesy: TheMBAStory

Courtesy: TheMBAStory

experience and of course knowledge to help you in your path. There are various consultants who are available for help and guidance of numerous students applying to B School.

Should you take their help? In most of the cases, using a consultant helps applicants to strengthen their applications and take care of their weak areas. Some consultants guide students right from preparing for the GMAT exam to applying for the different business schools. Others might provide specific assistance for application. These guides work with numerous students applying to different schools. As a result, you get access to a pool of ready to use knowledge, information that can speed up your entire application time. These guides review your essays, application answers and resume thoroughly and thus help to send off a fool-proof application. Often, they might point out why a school may not be suitable for your profile, etc..

In case you are interested and can afford to spend on the fees, then you can go ahead and research the consultants available in your area or those who offer consultation online . Try to see what they offer, read the fine print and make a decision. Like most places, results matter and should be of prime importance. Also try to choose a consultancy where you can at least meet up the consultants face-face.  It makes quite a difference. Of course in today’s world, Skype would help you in case you are remotely located .

Do remember that, if your grades are low, or your GMAT score isn’t up to mark, there is not much that a consultant can really do. Probably in such cases they could help you out to sit for a re-test or direct you to other schools where you have a chance. Point is, make sure you are making best use of the help that you are paying for.

Would I recommend an admission consultant? To be very honest, knowing how competitive the Business School applications are , I would not have minded in taking help. During my time I could not just afford to spend that amount on a consultant. However I did decently well for myself and I know people who have done very well by applying on their own.

The rules are not very different here. Figure out whether you need to use a consultant and make a decision. Very similar to the method you would use in choosing your preferred business schools. 🙂

Oh and by the way, my interview on the path to MBA has appeared on Accepted. com. Do have a peak if you’re interested!


5 thoughts on “Admission Consultants

  1. I was on the fence about using a consultant because I wanted to save my money for tuition. I decided not to, and so far that has worked out. I got into NYU and am waiting to hear from 3 other schools.

  2. I got an interview invite from NUS. Can I get in touch with you, possibly over mail? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Awaiting your response soon.

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